Monday, February 4, 2013


My last post was saying how I never want to leave California, literally a week before I left. Well, update:  I have embraced the wonderful Idaho snow, literally my last semester! On Saturday I went out on what they call "Outdoor Discovery" and boy do I wish I would have discovered it sooner! All these years (and I really mean a lot of years) in Idaho, I had no idea such a wonderful organization existed. I got to go up to Badger Creek and do all of these wonderful activities.


pointing at mountains (the grand tetons to be exact)

ice skating

cross-country skiing


Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Signs" that I'm still 16 years old

I decided I wanted to make signs to hold up while driving in my car. The reasons are two-fold:

1. I have a 16 year old's soul (so what who cares... I think It's funny and sometimes/ more than you would think, I see hotties driving and I want them to call me, maybe...)
2. also, people need to know their blinker is on or that I caught them picking their nose! ;-) 

Have any other good ideas...?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remember when I gave up sugar for a month...?

I hope you remember the promise from my last post... that I would "keep you posted" and "give you good recipes along the way" ...who was i kidding? I don't cook!? so there are no recipes, but here is the post to "keep you posted"

I went a whole month without sugar :-) HA! to all you who didn't believe in me! It was glorious :-) I had so much energy and was on cloud 9 all the time.

but then I failed (in fact i'm eating ice cream right now) my first mistake... I went out to lunch with the girls at work and it was my boss's birthday and they had mini cupcakes... what's one little cupcake right? well it was all downhill from there, including chicken and waffles, diddy reise, cadbury ice cream, etc. and i enjoyed every second of it!

but there is good news... I am doing a lot better and don't eat sweets 'ery day! and I am striving to take care of my body like I should. I think 24 years of abuse is enough :-)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sugar Free is the way to be

This post is to inform you ('cause I know how much you care) that I am going a month without sugar. (this must be the "summer without" because last month I did a week without TV)
I'm going to be just like this lollipop
First I think you need some background: I LOVE SUGAR!!!!!! If anyone knows me, they know that I LOVE sugar! Whenever someone asks me my favorite food I just say "sugar, anything with sugar in it"  people would always say, sugar is bad for everyone and my response would be "actually, my body runs better on sugar" (i guess this month will prove or disprove that theory), i even blog about my sugar addiction HERE & HERE

so, why am I taking on such a huge feat? it may be the 10 lbs I've gained in the last 6 months, it may be that I'm growing up (now that i'm a quarter of a century old), but the last straw was that the dentist told me I have 3 cavities... AGAIN! I have never had cavities in my life, until the last 2 times I've been to the dentist (I'm starting to think maybe my dentist is cavity-fill-happy) but either way he said I need to stop drinking pop (even diet) and I thought, "Why stop there? I should stop eating sugar all together!"

Who would've thought that the dentist, of all people, would be the last straw to trigger such a huge change in my life!?

so here I am... getting sugar free! I'll keep you posted on how it goes, and good recipes along the way :-)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I decided my mom needed a surprise birthday party this year. So this is what i threw together in the little time I had. My dad was the photographer so, as a man, he obviously didn't care to get any pictures of the decorations :-( oh well!

I learned a lot from throwing this party: 

Don't tell the guest of honor and the guests to be at the party at the same time 

Try not to involve your grandma too much, it will stress her out almost giving her a heart attack and you will owe her a spa day afterwards 

Think of a plan AHEAD of time to keep the guest of honor out of the house while you are setting up (calling the guest of honor on their way home saying"we weren't done putting together her present" is a DEAD GIVE AWAY!) 

Oh well it was still a blast and she gave us a great reaction to the surprise (she should be an actor) I have the cutest mother ever! Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, April 23, 2012


This summer is going to be "cray-cray" (in the words of my adorable little sister... see her blog here). I have an internship here in cali WOOT WOOT! and then in July i'm moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming WOOT WOOT!! I'm super stoked :-)

Well today I started my first day at Aplus interior design :-) and guess what!?! NOTHING WENT WRONG!!! what a fabulous day! I was on time (even early) and dressed correctly, and didn't say anything too stupid (that I know of) ...hey, there's a first for everything! I'm super excited

guess what else... I survived LA rush hour traffic!!!!

AND my first California earthquake WAHOOOO! what a feat :-)

some may be worried that I'm becoming a true Californian... but don't worry, i'll always be a true Michigander