Tuesday, October 26, 2010

alert the media!!!

Formal Press release: I would publicly like to apologize to Kirsten for taking too much credit for OUR window. She had GREAT ideas and without her, the window would not look even remotely as amazing as it does. Kirsten...Thank you for your great ideas and participation!!
(now i know how bill clinton must have felt...)
P.S. i am dumb, i am really really dumb! (so run and tell that homeBOY)


  1. oh girl...I didn't need this! I knew it was all just a slip of the lip from the start! I prolly woulda said the same thing if I was talking to you with my husband present...no worries! now...let's focus on good juju vibes for the freshies to choose us as winners! woot woot!

  2. I love your blog lizzie! Where are you living now? Are you still in the Sexburg?

  3. kate!! yes i'm still in sexburg! lovin' life... it's changed so so so much (for the better) i need to follow your blog!!! and see all the prego pics!!! woot woot :-)