Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monster MASH

i am deeply sorry i haven't posted in 2 days! i know you are checking my blog every two minutes to see what i have come up with next BUT unluckily for you... i haven't got anything :-( i'm having bloggers block (SHOCKING! i know, the addict left with nothing to say...)

speaking of monsters... this sculpture on the left was made by Matt Swope (yes the one who won "best show" in my last post... he made my blog twice in one week that's gotta be some kind of record) well come to find out, his inspiration was oogie boogie from nightmare before christmas... apparently he thought it would look good in a modern pied a terre..?

Matt- maybe you shouldn't look to monsters for interior design inspiration... just a suggestion

"well, that's it for now xoxo"


  1. hahaha! that was seriously his inspiration? oh my.

  2. HAHA austrie... no it wasn't really, at least not that he told us... with matt you never know!