Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sing your own kind of music...

so tonight was a much needed night of stress relief, and as you can see by these pictures, i took full advantage of it! Thank you Sammy's for a wonderful night with the Zias (the worst football team in the history of BYU-I flag football, almost as bad as the lions...AHHH) and my ID friends! it was GREAT!

the award for best show goes to: Matt Swope with Summer Lovin'- Grease
the most improvement goes to: Liz Willes (who is no longer a karaoke virgin) with Wanna Be- Spice Girls
mic hog: ME! (i sang too many songs)

I LOVE this picture (we were all singing Hallelujah)

Party in the USA- Thanks Miley for the great karaoke song

And last but not least... Love shack, which we failed miserably at :-\ OOPS! i didn't know it as well as i thought i did


  1. i literally laughed out loud at this post. i am so glad i know you, lizzie.