Thursday, November 4, 2010

a day in the life of lizzie

(this picture is awesome because it reminds me of those SWEET seminary videos)

ok i have had the best day at the library (obviously not very a productive day) BUT... here is what happened

so i'm walking in to sit down at a desk where i can start working on my paper (yes im an over achiever, it's not even due for a month) well there are a few desks left and i happen to choose one right across from this boy (don't worry he's married) well everyone else around leaves so it's basically me and him sitting across from each other and all the other desks are empty... AWKWARD! well i decide to make the best of it and i "wire in" and today i'm just in the mood to sing, so i'm sitting there lip syncing/ not working on my paper and another boy (don't worry he's married also) to my right is pointing me,"the crazy lip syncing girl" who is also laughing cause i'm fb chatting, out to his wife and laughing!!!

now i just need to trip and fall on my way out of the library in front of some really cute boy (hopefully not married) to make my library adventure complete :-)


  1. the first thing i thought was seminary videos when i saw that picture, too! we are the same person!

  2. hahaha! were you chatting to me? are we still BFFAE?

  3. not going to lie...I fell down the library steps one semester.

  4. loooooooooove it! and corinne, why am I NOT surprised you tripped down those stairs...