Monday, November 8, 2010

Project "HGTV show"

6 Interior Design students, 6 different different styles, 1 gorgeous house! watch to find out how they work together to complete this amazing house!...


We found this house in Sun Valley, ID and all fell in love (or would it be lust..?) with it's unique contemporary features. It was unfinished so we assumed the builder ran out of money, and come to find out, we were correct. it was foreclosed (lucky for us)! We decided we need a show on HGTV where we finish and design it. of course every good show needs drama, and 6 different interior designers working on the same house is bound to equal drama!

The promo shot

Are you not in love!?! if you would like to donate to project "HGTV show" please comment on this post or directly wire the money to my bank account! Thank you


  1. Hi, i'm austrie & i represent HGTV. I would be very interested in signing you 6 to a 2 season contract. Of course if successful, we could extend the contract. However, I will need all of you to backpack across Europe for inspiration, courtesy of HGTV. let's get in contact.

  2. that's sooo sad that it's just SITTING there...empty! that's a cryin' shame...