Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a question of ethics

Urban dictionary defines Ethics as:
The best way to ensure that your business endeavors will never turn a profit.
The company stressed ethics over growth, so the government refused to bail them out.

As i was looking for fabric i came across some AWESOME fabrics that i would love to use in a future project. seeing that is was amazing, i just had to snatch it up and put it away so that i could find it again SLASH so no one would take it...

the question is... hoarding, Unethical or completely moral in the Interior Design world (non-Interior designers i need your opinions as well)????

I could even make the beautiful wreath if i don't use all the fabric i "hoard"


  1. I only think it's unethical if you're doing it because you don't want others to succeed. It's all about moderation. If you end up having enough to make a wreath, I'd say that's a bit much.

  2. I agree with Corinne. If you have a purpose behind it and its not just because you feel you need to have it then it fine. I love your posts, Lizzie.

  3. I just returned a bunch of fabrics I had 'hoarded' from semesters past. I hadn't felt guilty until I stacked them all together. Luckily, there the residential box was overflowing with Samantha Ray fabrics. So, I was able to hide them in the box without everyone seeing me stuff them in the middle. Now my secret is out. Don't feel bad. ;)