Thursday, December 23, 2010

{some might call me martha stewart}

so, i have been craving peppermint bark for a couple weeks now. Since Williams Sanoma decided to charge $20 for theirs {which is amazing yet expensive}, i decided to make my own. It is delicious!! yummm :-) as you can see it turned out amazing!! Yes... Martha Stewart DID call and ask to mentor me because she saw my great potential, but i had to turn her down :-( unfortunately school comes first!


  1. umm, that looks fantastic! watch martha, lizzie marchant is on the scene.

  2. oh my oh my. you can send some to me :) just sayin...
    and i love the new title/pattern!

  3. Ha Ha, I love that you made your own and I never even thought to do the same. I spent the $20, but remember that although I'd like to have some Martha in me I just haven't reach that level yet.

    Good job - they look yummy!