Sunday, January 16, 2011

... it's like comparing apples and oranges


I {LOVE} Pillsbury toaster strudels but i also {LOVE} pop tarts! [i need extreme amounts of sugar to start my day off right] I have my "toaster strudel making" down to a science.

TOASTER STRUDEL INSTRUCTIONS (cause i know you are all as obsessed as me)

step 1. put 1 toaster strudel in the microwave for 15 sec. [to ensure it is cooked all the way through]
step 2. start squishing frosting [while still in plastic wrap] to soften
step 3. depending on your toaster [if one side is hotter than the other, which mine is because i'm a poor college student] about half way through you need to pop it up and flip it over.


well as i was going through that process this morning my roommate made the BOLD statement that she liked toaster strudels better than pop tarts!! how on earth can you even compare the 2! pop tarts are so delicious but so are toaster strudels, yet so completely different ... it's like comparing apples and oranges.

so take note world... i have changed the phrase to "it's like comparing toaster strudels and pop tarts"


p.s. i was on the {toaster strudel} website and saw that there were FAQ about toaster strudels and knew i had to read that people had to ask about them... well i found this one particularly entertaining:

5. Why can't I find my favorite flavor of Pillsbury Toaster Strudel™ pastries?
Pillsbury encourages all stores to carry all flavors of Toaster Strudel™ pastries. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. We recommend you express your interest in a particular flavor to the grocery store manager.

HAHA... oh man!

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  1. Oh yeah! I love this post, very insightful. While you can't compare the two I am going to have to jump on the Pop Tart train - I love them, what more can I say.

    By the way...that is a long process just for a toaster strudel, I hope it's worth it.