Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Bucket List...]

I actually think about, and add to my bucket list a lot [unfortunately crossing things off   doesn't occur as often] so when my sister posted her's [found here], i thought it was a genius idea to share it with the world... so here is mine :-) some are more realistic than others, but enjoy!

  • sky diving [#1 right now]
  • Hike in my "happy hippie hiking suit" [look it up]
  • Backpack through europe [PLANNED FOR THIS SUMMER!!!]
  • Go to Israel
  • Hike appalachian trail [yes, the whole thing]
  • Go to every country
  • Go to every state
  • Learn another Language
  • Sail around the world
  • See all 7 natural wonders of the world
  • Spend a week in The Louvre [ok, maybe not a week straight]
  • Be featured in Elle Decor
  • Donate 1 million dollars to a charity
  • Go on a Safari
  • Own a house on every continent
  • Attend a Marc Jacobs fashion show
  • Be miserably squished at Time's Square on New Year's Eve
  • Experience nirvana [I know, I know]
  • Be a seat filler at the Academy Awards [I LOVE getting dressed up]

Any ideas for things I should add? What's on your Bucket List?


  1. Good luck with the house on Antarctica.

  2. i would love to go on a safari with you! And for the be featured in Elle Decor... I can't wait for you!!!

  3. wow your bucket list post was WAY better than mine..i gotta step up my game :) ill be more than happy to be right next to you at the m.j. fashion show, NYE in NYC, naked hiking, and award show!! YAY love you