Friday, March 25, 2011

NKBA Student Design Competition

Lately I've been crazy busy [although I must say it wasn't as bad as last semester] working on a Kitchen for a NKBA [National Kitchen and Bath] competition.

well today i presented it! I just want to shout from the roof tops: "I'm done!!! i'm done!!!! I'm done!!!!"

I think i will refrain though...So I have some good news and some bad news... everyone always wants good news first because then it doesn't make the bad news sound as bad, so here is goes...

Good news: I'm done!!!!

Bad news: it's just for now... the competition isn't actually until November so if I enter I have A LOT of work to do

well here are some of my inspiration photos... sorry friends, it's a competition and i can't put my plans up online for the world wide web [emphasis on "WORLD"] to see [someone might steal my awesome design]

<------ I HEART this clock! inspiration for cabinets
^Inspiration for colors                           ^Inspirational window motif           ^Apparently i love urns now....
 and chair style (with urn)                                                                                                    <3
^this is pretty self explanatory :-)

p.s. just so everyone knows, i ran out of pandora hours [40 to be exact] for this month while working on my project... that's a lot of hours sitting at a computer listening to pandora [which doesn't include the time I watched american idol (embarrassing? yes.), listened to Jane Eyre, and other stuff to keep myself partially entertained]

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