Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Future me,

So... currently you are avoiding your homework to write this, i hope it's worth it! i hope you didn't fail out of college because you slacked during finals week.

on a different note, I hope you are happy with where you are in your life and if you aren't.... DO SOMETHING ABOUT!

Best Quote Ever: "Don't over think it, stop worrying about it. Put your trust in God and He will reveal His will to you"

past me

p.s. if you know how to time travel, could you come tell me about some really cool technology they have in the future, or actually... what stock to invest in, that would be great! OH! and who i'm going to marry so i don't have to think about it until i meet him... awesome THANKS!!!

[while avoiding homework I "stumbled upon" Future me and was inspired to write the above]

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  1. i've written letters to myself on futureme once a year for the last couple years. fun to read! :)