Thursday, April 7, 2011


...was "one of those days".

1.  I woke up and got dressed (which took forever because it was "one of those days") and walked out of my room and my roommate said "you look confused today... sweatshirt over a nice shirt?"  haha... yes, yes i am confused...

2.  I got to school and it was really hot in the computer lab, so I decided to take off my sweatshirt to reveal my 'nice shirt', WELL... that didn't work out as planned, I ended up standing in the middle of the classroom in a bra and tank top as i scrambled to pull apart my 'nice shirt' and sweatshirt so i could be dressed!

3.  All semester i have wanted to try the crossroad's (school food court) bbq pizza and today they finally had it [my day was looking up right?...WRONG] it was the worst pizza i've ever had :-(                      nothing like this--->

4.  headache begins

5.  This is the BEST part.... Sammy's [a local hipster-run burger joint] 
    1. I order a shake and fries [yes to make my headache worse...]
    2. 40 min [...yes literally 40 min] later i still don't have my french fries... RIDICULOUS!!!
    3. so i say something [poor girl is trying to be nice but, 40 min for fries... really!?] and she takes my receipt to give my order to the cook
    4. 15 min LATER... i still don't have my french fries!!! so I go to say something again and the cook says "oh i'll put them in right now" WHAT!!!! it's been an hour and you haven't even put my fries in a basket and pushed a button to drop them into hot oil!!????!!!
    5. finally i get my fries, yet my friends still don't have their food! so i ask for a refund [very pleasantly might i add] and she says she has to ask her manager... blah blah blah
    6. manager comes back with money for my friends but not me [no apology just a bad attitude, what happened to customer satisfaction?]... ok ok! i'm done with this place, i'm out! 
    7. as we are about to leave, my friend gets his food. well my other friend wants her food too! so she goes to ask for it and... 
    8. wait for it... [this is good]....
    9. this manager says "why would i give you a refund AND your food?" 
    10. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!?!!! bahaha needless to say, Sammy's and I are in a fight right now...
6.  we get to the car to leave [we are all very angry at our recent experience] and the car won't start! hahaha...all we could do was bust up laughing! [don't worry, it eventually started]
    :-) tomorrow will be better, the semester is OVER! that trumps anything bad that could happen... bring it on universe!


    1. wow. i have never been to Sammy's. I always wanted to go. I don't think I will after hearing THAT story. Sadness. I'm sorry it was a stupid day tho. You are still fabulous.

    2. Oh no, this reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where they can find their car in the mall parking lot. Everything goes wrong that can go wrong and finally at the end of a bad day they get in the car and it won't start!

      I'm sorry you had one of those days - and there is nothing worse then bad service to top it off.

    3. I read this out loud to Heather because 1.) You're hilarous and 2.) We miss you.

      Rexburg isn't quite the same, Blizzard.

    4. Honestly Lizzie, I don't know how you do it!! Living in Rexburg is hellish and so are 95% of the people. You should have punched that Sammies guy in the neck ;) Do you need Kate to do it for you? I would gladly do it! :)

      No, I'm just kidding and very proud of you for sticking it out!!

      Ps. I laughed really hard out loud when I heard the tank/bra story. Oh, I miss you!!

    5. I meant to write "Rexburg and Provo"