Monday, April 23, 2012


This summer is going to be "cray-cray" (in the words of my adorable little sister... see her blog here). I have an internship here in cali WOOT WOOT! and then in July i'm moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming WOOT WOOT!! I'm super stoked :-)

Well today I started my first day at Aplus interior design :-) and guess what!?! NOTHING WENT WRONG!!! what a fabulous day! I was on time (even early) and dressed correctly, and didn't say anything too stupid (that I know of) ...hey, there's a first for everything! I'm super excited

guess what else... I survived LA rush hour traffic!!!!

AND my first California earthquake WAHOOOO! what a feat :-)

some may be worried that I'm becoming a true Californian... but don't worry, i'll always be a true Michigander

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