Sunday, May 27, 2012


I decided my mom needed a surprise birthday party this year. So this is what i threw together in the little time I had. My dad was the photographer so, as a man, he obviously didn't care to get any pictures of the decorations :-( oh well!

I learned a lot from throwing this party: 

Don't tell the guest of honor and the guests to be at the party at the same time 

Try not to involve your grandma too much, it will stress her out almost giving her a heart attack and you will owe her a spa day afterwards 

Think of a plan AHEAD of time to keep the guest of honor out of the house while you are setting up (calling the guest of honor on their way home saying"we weren't done putting together her present" is a DEAD GIVE AWAY!) 

Oh well it was still a blast and she gave us a great reaction to the surprise (she should be an actor) I have the cutest mother ever! Happy Birthday Mom!

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