Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remember when I gave up sugar for a month...?

I hope you remember the promise from my last post... that I would "keep you posted" and "give you good recipes along the way" ...who was i kidding? I don't cook!? so there are no recipes, but here is the post to "keep you posted"

I went a whole month without sugar :-) HA! to all you who didn't believe in me! It was glorious :-) I had so much energy and was on cloud 9 all the time.

but then I failed (in fact i'm eating ice cream right now) my first mistake... I went out to lunch with the girls at work and it was my boss's birthday and they had mini cupcakes... what's one little cupcake right? well it was all downhill from there, including chicken and waffles, diddy reise, cadbury ice cream, etc. and i enjoyed every second of it!

but there is good news... I am doing a lot better and don't eat sweets 'ery day! and I am striving to take care of my body like I should. I think 24 years of abuse is enough :-)

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  1. Lizzie! I'm so proud of you for going without a month! That's way more than what I could do. Good job girl :)